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The Master’s Practical Guide to Maritime Law, First Edition

November 2023 £250

This first edition of The Master’s Practical Guide to Maritime Law is a comprehensive, easy to follow guide written specifically for Masters.

When something goes wrong on board, legal issues often arise, and it is the Master’s responsibility to react appropriately. A Master is not a lawyer, but needs to understand how to respond within the confines of the law to protect the interests of themselves, the shipowner and other crew members. This guide bridges the gap between theory and practice by exploring practical real-world scenarios commonly encountered by Masters, whether in port or at sea. It offers valuable guidance on how to approach legal issues effectively, highlighting best practices, and providing expert advice on managing legal risks with particular emphasis on the commercial aspects that form a significant part of every Master’s responsibilities on board.

This guide is a valuable educational resource, not only for Masters but for individuals working across the whole industry. Chief officers, shipowners, P&I Clubs, officers in training and training institutions would all benefit from accessing a copy.

The Master’s Practical Guide to Maritime Law is:

  • A detailed, practical guide relevant to real-life situations.
  • Designed to help Masters protect themselves within the legal framework.
  • Equally suited to seasoned Masters seeking to refresh their knowledge and Masters embarking on their first voyage.
  • An easily accessible resource helping Masters navigate common legal issues and pitfalls and assist in protecting the shipowner’s interest.
  • A guide covering both criminal and commercial law.